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The E-Sylum (12/8/2013)

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In the December 5, 2013 issue of CoinsWeekly, Ursula Kampmann published a short review of the recently published proceedings of the 2009 International Numismatic Congress. The two-volume set can be ordered from Spink at £85.00. -Editor

Glasgow Proceedings 2009 The XIVth International Numismatic Congress in Glasgow was really an impressive event. In 124 sessions – most of them at the same time – 550 numismatists came together attending for three and a half days 375 lectures, looking at 31 posters and visiting some official events too. To admit it immediately, not all of the 375 lectures have been published. However, the pure number and diversity of the contributions is impressive. The heavyweight proceedings are published in two volumes of over 2,200 pages and with some 250 contributions in five languages.

All these essays offer a good insight into the current research since many numismatists seize the opportunity of informing their colleagues about their current studies during this International Congress. The Greek section contains 55 contributions, 77 lectures are in the Roman section. 11 articles represent Celtic coins and 13 papers deal with interdisciplinary subjects in general. 44 articles cover Mediaeval topics, to the rich numismatics of early Modern Western Europe, however, only the humble number of 16 essays were dedicated. Another 16 studies dealt with Islamic and Far Eastern coins while only 8 contributions remain for classical and modern medals. 19 papers concentrated on numismatics in general and in conjunction with the history of research.

Among the authors you will find all important numismatists of the world. Just one more reason for purchasing these books for one’s own library. Oh, by the way, the next International Numismatic Congress will take place in Taormina September 21-25, 2015. We wonder if more lectures will be dedicated to modern numismatics then.

You can order the two volumes directly with the publisher. If you wish to do so, just go to the Spink website.

To read the complete article, see: The Proceedings of the International Numismatic Congress Glasgow 2009 (

To order from Spink Books, see: Proceedings of the XIVth International Numismatic Congress Glasgow 2009 by Holmes, N (Ed.) (

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