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The E-Sylum (11/17/2013)

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John G Mills Obituary 1906
Last week Mark Borckardt asked for an image of collector John G. Mills. Aaron Packard found this obituary, but it's probably the same grainy 1906 Albany newspaper photo Mark already has. Can anyone locate a better one? This obituary fills in a missing bit of information in Pete Smith's American Numismatic Biographies - Mills' death date. -Editor

Pete Smith writes:

When I was originally doing research for ANB, I spent months in various libraries looking first at standard biographical publications but also more obscure sources. I paged through every issue of The Numismatist and the American Journal of Numismatics.

I believe that today a person could find more information without leaving their computer. I have never paid for a subscription to one of the services, but I am amazed at what can be found on and similar sources.

With ANB now available on the NBS site, someone can learn everything I know about an individual by looking at just that site. Then with a little more work they can expand well beyond what I published.

While I have become reasonably proficient at doing research on the web, there are people who are even better. We are fortunate to have some of those people contribute to The E-Sylum.

Pete adds:

While looking for John G. Mills, I learned that he was a pigeon fancier. This reminded me of recent research I was doing on George F. Seavey. He was also a pigeon fancier. Was this common among numismatists? Are there others who pursued both hobbies?

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