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The E-Sylum (11/17/2013)

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Catalog of Current Bi-Metallic Coins Sought
Paul Schultz writes:

A co-worker of mine has a need for a list of all (or most) bi-metallic coins currently being issued throughout the world for circulation, not including the NCLT (non circulating legal tender) coins. Do you or any of your E-Sylum readers know of such as list, or a reasonably quick internet site where I could find such a list? This would not be a single alloy of 2 metals, but rather 2 separate metals, as in a center of one metal or alloy plus a ring of another, or even clad coins too. Thanks.

Another good question. Can anyone help? Is there a way to search the Krause catalogs for only current bimetallic coins? -Editor

Ford Sale Hardcover Sewn vs Perfect Bindings
David Gladfelter writes:

Ford-Hardbounds-22-24 The first 21 Ford sale catalogs were hard bound by Stack’s and sold at $95.00 each. The most recent three sales are hard bound by Stacks-Bowers and are being sold at $50.00 each. The main difference seems to be that the earlier hardbounds have sewn bindings, while the current ones have so-called “perfect” bindings, which are cheaper to produce but less durable in use. Time will tell which bindings are the better product.

The Bowers & Merena hardbounds are sewn up to the Sussex sale in 1990 except for Taylor sale. Thereafter they are perfect bound except for Frontenac which is sewn. So far they have held together, but next time I open Taylor it will be very carefully.

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Hartzfeld Fourth Auction Sale Information Sought
Roger Burdette writes:

Does anyone have the following in their library? I'm looking for information from S. K. Hartzfeld's, fourth auction sale, March 14, 1879 in Philadelphia. If so, could you look up the Goloid Metric Dollar and let me know the page/lot number and the date on the coin?

The Prince George Christening £5 Coin
Gar Travis of Santa Ana, California writes:

I ordered the Prince George Christening £5 coin for a friend who is an Anglophile and Royal watcher. I am sure she will be quite pleased. It was posted from Wales on the 6th and arrived here the 15th.

Price George Christening coin

McKinley on Both Sides of the McKinley Dollars
Regarding U.S. coins picturing the same president on BOTH sides of the coin, Bob Van Arsdell writes:

So the first question is "Who's that riding the horse on the 1900 Washington-Lafayette dollar?" No dice – it's Lafayette.

So my nomination for the EARLIEST US coin with the same President on both sides is: the 1916 and 1917 McKinley dollars. They have McKinley's bust on the obverse, and the statue of McKinley in the Niles, Ohio memorial on the reverse.

Thanks. Below are images of a 1916 McKinley dollar (Lot 2515, Goldberg's sale #37) -Editor

McKinley dollar obverse McKinley dollar reverse

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More on Japanese Occupation of Malaya (Singapore) Book
Dr K.A. Rodgers of New Zealand writes: Occupation Currency of Singapore

I have Wong’s book. Got one in 1996 when it was published. Reviewed it at the time in Australasian Coin & Banknote. One dealer in Australia was selling copies as I recall. It's a brilliant, scholarly book. Best treatment of Japanese occupation issues I have come across and the illustrations are superb. It is translated from the Chinese in an English that is somewhat of British colonial vintage.


An "Error" Coin on eBay
Mike Paradis writes:

Here is an item listed on eBay. I have seen some wild ones that I had to question if they were serious, this appears to be serious. She has other items listed that are interesting to read.

The lot is a Roosevelt dime shown in fuzzy pictures. With a starting bid of $99.98, it's described as some very rare error because some letters and numbers of the inscription are missing. It could be a filled die error or just wear. "I search that on google it should be worth 2,000.00" With a price of $1,125.35, there were no bidders. -Editor

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Videos of Ferguson's 'The Ascent of Money'
Ferguson Ascent of Money Kavan Ratnatunga forwarded links to videos associated with the book The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson. We reviewed the book in The E-Sylum in 2008.

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The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World Parts 1-5 (
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World Part 6 (

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