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The E-Sylum (10/20/2013)

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Maureen and Stu Levine submitted these thoughts on Eric P. Newman's silver coins, being offered in the upcoming Heritage sale.. -Editor

1862 Half Dime obverse 1862 Half Dime reverse

The luxuriously toned surfaces of Eric P. Newman's silver coins shout out one word: Originality. The 1862 PR68+ * NGC cameo half dime is a prime example. Mirrored fields contrast with frosty devices, creating a beautiful cameo effect. Both sides display stunning, concentric iridescent toning. On the obverse, Liberty is encircled by a rainbow of toning, which highlights her head, passes through her suspended cap, and lightly touches her toe. In our opinion, only the combination of pristine surfaces and long-term album storage results in this smooth, concentric rainbow toning.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1862 Half Dime (

1807 B-2 Quarter Dollar obverse 1807 B-2 Quarter Dollar reverse

Newman's early quarter dollars provide more samples of beautiful, original toning. While Liberty and the heraldic eagle seem almost ablaze in the orange and gold centers of the 1807 B-2 bust quarter (MS66 NGC), cool variations of blue ring the peripheries: This is indeed a captivating coin.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1807 B-2 Quarter Dollar (

1815 B-1 Quarter Dollar obverse 1815 B-1 Quarter Dollar reverse

Lady Liberty steals the show on the 1815 B-1 Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint plate coin (MS67+ * NGC). Light silver radiates from the obverse center to an area of rich orange-gold toning, surrounded by an inner halo of blue that just misses Liberty's curls but passes lightly over her Phrygian cap.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1815 B-1 Quarter Dollar (

1796 B-2 Quarter Dollar obverse 1796 B-2 Quarter Dollar reverse

It's impossible to touch upon the Newman quarter dollars without mentioning the spectacular 1796 B-2, example (MS67+ * NGC). The Heritage cataloger for this lot summed up his thoughts as follows:

The Newman 1796 quarter ranks as the most beautiful surviving example and exhibits quintessential Wayte Raymond album toning, gorgeous gunmetal-blue at the borders, gradually changing through orange-gold to nearly brilliant silver at the centers. The authors of Early Quarter Dollars of the United States Mint chose this coin to illustrate the cover of their book. It is also the plate coin for the die marriage on page 8. The present cataloger has been involved with some of the most important collections to appear in the past quarter century, and chooses this 1796 quarter dollar from the Eric P. Newman Collection as the most beautiful American silver coin that exists today.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1796 B-2 Quarter Dollar (

1813 Capped Bust Half obverse 1813 Capped Bust Half reverse

Demonstrations of original toning continue with the half dollars, exemplified by the finest known 1813 Capped Bust O-107a (MS67+ * NGC). The cataloger writes: "The coin is truly 'as struck' in terms of luster and preservation, with the joyous addition of iridescent color through the stars and legend. The luminous silver centers are surrounded by champagne-gold and electrified cobalt-blue toning." Again, this toning is not only gorgeous, but also original.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1813 Capped Bust Half (

1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off Center obverse 1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off Center reverse

The toning pattern is a little different from the examples cited above on the B-14, BB-51 dollar (MS66+ * NGC), the little masterpiece designed by Gilbert Stuart. While not concentric, this toning is completely charming. A diaphanous area of lovely rainbow toning is seen on Liberty's face, highlighting her eye and increasing the appearance of a watchful gaze - and accenting her bust, with deeper colors showing in the periphery. This exquisite, original toning complements the unusually superb strike of this piece.

To view the complete auction lot description, see: 1795 $1 Draped Bust, Off Center (

All of the above coins are CAC certified and have the Green-Newman pedigree. Eric P. Newman has attended to them with care for over 70 years. We don't know how long they were in Colonel Green's possession, but it is evident from their condition that he was an equally fine steward. These coins are original gems. Take the opportunity to see them while you can!    

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