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The E-Sylum (10/6/2013)

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Correction: Charlemagne & Son
Tom Fort writes:

The denarius of "Charlemagne (768-814)" pictured in the excerpt from the CoinsWeekly article is in fact one of his son Louis the Pious (814-840). The obverse reads HLVDOVICVS IMP AVG not CAROLVS IMP AVG as the later "imperial" coins of Charlemagne do. The coin is thus dated to sometime between 814-and 816 and was struck at the mint of Quentovic.

I passed this along to Editor Ursula Kampmann, who writes:

Thanks, and compliments to your reader. We realized last Tuesday and have already changed the picture. Now we have the real portrait of Charlemagne on the website.

Denarius with portrait of Charlemagne
Earlier image: Denarius with portrait of Louis the Pious (814-840)

Denarius with the portrait of Charlemagne
Corrected image: Denarius with portrait of Charlemagne (768-814)

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On the Goetz Reprints
David Ganz writes:

The new Goetz books are not exact reprints -- at least not on the covers, or the title pages inside, which use "Karl X. Goetz" to distinguish them from the originals.

Few reprints are EXACT replicas of the originals. Certainly details like the publisher and publication date change, and usually the quality of images is somewhat reduced. Often a new Foreword or publisher's note is added. In this case new covers were used to distinguish the reprints. -Editor

Publisher Scott Goodman adds:

Goetz Vol_I_COVER The interior content from Kienast's Title Page to the end of each book is the same as the original publications. The point I was trying to get across by stating 'exact' was to alleviate anyone purchasing the set of books thinking there was new information added to them prior to their printing.

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More on the British Museum Viking Exhibit
Ursula Kampmann writes:

If readers want to see some spectacular pictures of the new exhibition in the British Museum, which was first in Copenhagen, click here:

Viking ship

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