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The E-Sylum (10/6/2013)

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Dennis Tucker of Whitman Publishing forwarded this press release about the new edition of Ken Bressett's book on money of the Bible. Thanks. -Editor

Money-of-the-Bible_cover-image Whitman Publishing announces the release of the expanded and revised third edition of Kenneth Bressett’s award-winning Money of the Bible. The 120-page hardcover coffee-table book debuted at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Chicago, August 13, 2013. Bressett was on hand to autograph copies at the Whitman Publishing booth. Money of the Bible is now available online (including at and from bookstores and hobby shops nationwide. Its retail price is $29.95.

“Money and coins are mentioned many times, and in many places, in the Old and New Testaments,” Bressett said. “They give us a running commentary on biblical events in a way that no other artifacts can supply.” He presents their stories and explores their relevance in the updated third edition of Money of the Bible, which includes expanded text and many additional and upgraded photographs.

The first edition won the 2006 “Best Specialized Book, World Coins” Award from the Numismatic Literary Guild. BookIdeas senior editor John L. Hoh called it “a wonderful reference book for church libraries.” Ancient-coin specialist David L. Vagi praised “the clarity of the text and the lavish illustrations,” saying that “experienced numismatists will enjoy Mr. Bressett’s careful investigations of theories and the finer points of evidence.” Author and scholar Dr. Paul Rynearson, who wrote the book’s foreword, said, “This reference makes coins come alive, visually expanding Biblical texts, while the beautiful photographs of historical places and artifacts make the words resonate in our hearts. You will discover fascination on every page.”

Bressett, perhaps best known as the longtime editor of the annual Guide Book of United States Coins (the “Red Book”), has also researched and written about English coinage, ancient Greek and Roman coins, U.S. paper money, grading standards, buying and selling coins, and many other hobby topics.

In Money of the Bible he studies how the Bible was written, and its nature; commerce before coins; coins of Old Testament times; coins in the New Testament; first-century money and trade; coins mentioned in Jesus’ parables and lessons; coins and the Passion of Christ; the beginning and spread of Christianity; and how to collect coins with Biblical themes. A detailed index of terms and Bible verses rounds out the text and its full-color photographs.

“In Money of the Bible, Kenneth Bressett opens a window onto everyday life in the ancient world,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “Parables like that of the moneychangers in the Temple take on new meaning when you’re looking at the actual coins people used in Biblical times.”

Illustrated essays examine the money the Good Samaritan would have used to pay the innkeeper; anti-Semitic insults used on Roman imperial coins; early images of Christ and angels; why a fish might have a silver coin in its mouth; and many other fascinating topics.

Narratives new to the third edition explore the beginning of Christianity and its early distinction from Judaism; the conversions of the Axumite kingdom and of Armenia; Jewish uprisings under Roman emperor Trajan; cherubim, seraphim, and lammasu; the recovery of the True Cross by Byzantine emperor Heraclius; Arab-Byzantine conflicts; and an expanded section on collecting coins with Biblical topics.

Among the dozens of new coin photographs are those illustrating Hadrian at Alexandria, the Colossus of Rhodes, and a Macedonian peace design; a silver shekel of Byblos; a Roman silver denarius of Marc Antony; early electrum money units; a heathen coin of the sea god Poseidon; a coin of the nightmarish emperor Caius Caligula; and many others.

Money of the Bible: A Numismatic Chronicle of Events, 3rd edition ∙ Kenneth Bressett ∙ Foreword by Paul Rynearson ∙ ISBN 079483955X ∙ 120 pages ∙ Coffee-table (10 x 12 inches) hardcover with dustjacket ∙ Full color ∙ Retail $29.95

For more information, or to purchase, see: Money of the Bible - 3rd Edition (/

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