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The E-Sylum (9/1/2013)

Book Content

Eric Newman writes:

I read Dan's comment in your last issue (August 25, 2013) and would like to help him by noting that the book we were looking at that day was a Massachusetts Bay Colony book of conversion tables published in 1750. It showed the value in lawful money of various Old Tenor amounts and helped to simplify money calculations caused by the inflation of the prior decade. I apologize for distracting Dan with the coins because the book is indeed a beautiful rarity. All best.

Eric's son Andy adds:

My dad and mom did indeed witness the scuttling of the Graf Spee from their honeymoon cruise ship in the harbor of Montevideo in 1939, but they were not active participants in the way Dan implies. There is also a numismatic twist to the story, since Eric met someone on that cruise who played a role in his acquisition of items from Colonel Green. My folks are looking forward to their 74th anniversary in a few months.

I just finished reading a good book about Col. Green's mother: “The Richest Woman in America – Hetty Green in the Gilded Age” by Janet Wallach. Speaking of Eric and his coins, Saul Teichman forwarded this link to the updated gallery of images of Eric's coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Here are a few selections, but be sure to browse the full gallery online. -Editor

Newman 1845 Half Cent obverse Newman 1845 Half Cent reverse
1845 Original Half Cent

Newman 1882 Five Cent obverse Newman 1882 Five Cent reverse
Newman 1882 Five Cent

Newman 1838 Large Stars Half Dime obverse Newman 1838 Large Stars Half Dime reverse
1838 Large Stars Half Dime

Newman 1833 B-1 Quarter obverse Newman 1833 B-1 Quarter reverse
1833 B-1 Quarter

Newman 1807 Draped O-110 Half Dollar obverse Newman 1807 Draped O-110 Half Dollar reverse
1807 Draped O-110 Half Dollar

John Dannreuther writes:

The ANA was awe sum! Spent 10 days in Chicago and saw so many cool things. I, too, visited Eric's vault about 10 years ago and was stunned at the Bust coinage (I saw the dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars). I offered Eric $250K for his 1799 (now graded 67 and the BEST Bust dollar on the planet, in my opinion).

Eric laughed (I knew he would not sell it, but I sure would have been glad to pay it). He turned it over and noted that he had paid $15. Hmmmm, guess coins were pretty cheap in the 1940s. I asked him why he did not buy the uncirculated 1794 dollar and he said, "I could have bought the nicest coin for $350, but I bought the AU for $175. Think of all the other coins I bought with the extra $175." Uh, good choice, my 102 year old friend! (Eric and B.G. Johnson bought all 11 examples that Col. Green owned.)

To view the complete NGC Newman gallery, see: Eric P. Newman Collection (

Saul adds:

Many of the Newman coins are being used to illustrate the early dates in NGCs Explorer application. Examples include:

Newman 1796 Half Dollar Quarters

Half Dollars


Collectors can go to the NGC website beginning with 2037631-001 to see the grades on these pieces although they are not imaged there. The proof quarters from 1860 forward, for example, are all extremely high graded.

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: BIBLIOPHILE BLINDED BY BLAZING NEWMAN COINS (

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