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The E-Sylum (8/25/2013)

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The latest volume in Atom Damali's series on the History of Ottoman Coins has been published. -Editor

History of Ottoman Coins vol7 History of Ottoman Coins Vol. 7 / Osmanli Sikkeleri Tarihi - Cilt 7
Author: Damali, Atom
Publisher: Nilufer Damali Egitim, Kultur ve Cevre Vakfi
ISBN: 9786058592605
Publication Date & Place: 2013, Ýstanbul
Dimensions: 215x305mm, 2500 gr.
Price: 110,00 € (Direct Delivery)

Book details

420 pp, color figures, hb, in Turkish-English bilingual.

OTTOMAN SULTANS - Osman III - Mustafa III - Abdülhamid I - Selim III - Mustafa IV

The Ottoman Empire was endowed with the power of creating one of the most extensive numismatic histories of the world by having coins minted at more than 130 mints as of the 14th century. However, the fact that the Ottoman coins had presence in very few mints whose collective number did not exceed the number of fingers in one hand as of the mid-18th century is the most obvious indicator of the crucial changes in the Ottoman history and economy.

These developments which greatly affected coin minting can be summarised briefly as follows:

The provinces, where gold or silver coins were minted in addition to Istanbul, were limited with Baghdad, Algeria, Egypt, Tripoli and Tunisia from the enthronement of Sultan Osman III, the 25th Ottoman sultan, to the end of the Empire. Two common features catch the eye when we analyze the history of these provinces that were very critical for the Ottoman Empire...

The present volume of this work, which is expected to be completed in nine volumes, covers the reigns of sultans Osman III, Mustafa III, Abdulhamid I, Selim III and Mustafa IV, and contains:

  • Year-by-year chronological information regarding the 54 years of these sultanates;
  • The most significant historical developments of this period;
  • Detailed information on coins.

This volume includes the details of 71 coins of Sultan Osman III, 460 coins of Sultan Mustafa III, 401 coins of Sultan Abdulhamid I, 409 coins of Sultan Selim III and 56 coins of Sultan Mustafa IV; i.e. 1478 gold and silver coins. Additionally, the book provides the local history of all provinces which issued coins during these reigns and examines the characteristics of the coins minted in these provinces.

An inventory of the coins belonging to the sultans is provided at the end of the book.

For more information, or to order, see: History of Ottoman Coins Vol. 7 / Osmanli Sikkeleri Tarihi - Cilt 7 (

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