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The E-Sylum (7/21/2013)

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In recent weeks we've discussed J.V. McDermott and his 1913 Liberty Nickel. Today the nickel resides in the collection of the American Numismatic Association, where it was donated by Aubrey and Adeline Bebee. Here's an account of the donation by John and Nancy Wilson, with illustrations of the auction catalog where the nickel was last sold. Thanks. -Editor

1967 ANA sale catalog cover We think readers will like the three attached images. One is of the 1967 catalog cover. The second has information along with a photo of J. V. holding the nickel. This page also has personal autographs of Aubrey Bebee and his wife Adeline Bebee. We received the catalog from Gene Johnson. His autograph is also on the page.

The last image is page 2241 which contained the nickel. The autographs of the Bebee's were obtained in 1989 in a room at the Colorado Springs, Colorado - Broadmoor Hotel. A party was held there honoring the Bebee's.

J.V. McDermott and 1913 Liberty Nickel 1913 Liberty Nickel lot description

We can still remember ANA Museum Director Bob Hoge coming into the room carrying a briefcase with the nickel inside. Everyone there had a chance to hold the nickel. It was at this ANA Coin Show that the nickel was donated to the ANA Museum. We took a picture of Aubrey holding up the nickel. This photo was later turned into a slide and would have been part of one of our educational programs on Numismatic Luminaries.

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