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The E-Sylum (7/14/2013)

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Francois Velde writes:

Regarding John Sallay's query, I can point out that the French medal he cites does date from 1717; it is described in this book published in 1724. The motto on the medal: "accipe quae peragenda prius", learn what is first to be accomplished (before reaching the temple), is from Virgil's Aeneid 6:136.

The original design, Minerva showing the temple of glory to young Louis XV, is by Antoine Coypel (1661-1722), and was engraved by Pierre Drevet, although the motto that accompanies the engraving ("tali se dea jactat alumno", the goddess prides herself in such a pupil) was used on another medal commemorating the education of Louis XV.

Pierre Drevet engraving French medal showing Athena guiding a young King Louis XV

To read the 1717 book, see: Annales de la Monarchie Françoise: M. de Limiers (

To view the Pierre Drevet engraving, see: Minerve montrant à Louis XV le temple de la gloire (

Thanks! This is great information. -Editor

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