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The E-Sylum (7/7/2013)

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Pabitra Saha forwarded several new coin images this week, and a few caught my eye. Regarding one from last week, Dave Alexander writes:

Labas! (Lithuanian for Hello!) The prickly tangle on the obverse of the Lithuanian 50 Litu is the stylized map of the Euro zone nations and the stars representing member states scrambled together. The 5 Litai coin's wreath is one of the originals of pre-war Lithuania, which employed rye, barley and the national plant the Rue (Lithuanian, Ruta).Ripening fields of rye inspired the yellow band in the nation's flag.

Lithuania 50 Litu coin

2011 Croatia 25 Kuna
Monday, Pabitra Saha wrote:

Today Croatia has joined the European Union. It had issued this coin on 9th Dec. 2011 when it signed the agreement to join the EU.

Croatia 25 Kuna

Latvia Jâzeps Vîtols Coin
Pabitra Saha writes:

Latvia has issued a coin on Jâzeps Vîtols, a Latvian composer on his 150th birth anniversary

Jâzeps Vîtols obverse Jâzeps Vîtols reverse

I like the Art Deco look of the reverse, and the negative field portrait. Kinda reminds me of Gene Hessler, America's numismatic musician. There goes that subject's signature theme again. -Editor

Netherlands Antilles Slavery Abolition Coin
Pabitra Saha writes:

Netherlands Antilles has issued a 5 Guilder coin on 150th Ann of abolition of slavery

Netherlands Antilles Slavery Abolition Coin

For more information, see: Royal Mint issues special BES-dollar (

First Coins of Caribbean Netherlands
Pabitra Saha writes:

The Caribbean Netherlands ( Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba Islands ) have issued their first coin.

Caribbean Netherlands coin obverse Caribbean Netherlands coin reverse

I like the 3D look of the reverse. Interesting. -Editor

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