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The E-Sylum (6/23/2013)

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Dick Johnson submitted these thoughts on the appointment of Jeff Shevlin as Director of Special Projects at Medallic Art Company / Northwest Territorial Mint. Thanks. -Editor

I am delighted to learn that Jeff Shevlin has been snapped up by Medallic Art Company / Northwest Territorial Mint after leaving the American Numismatic Association. in Colorado Springs.

Jeff is slated to take the same title and position -- Director of Special Projects --that was the same as my previous associate at Medallic Art, Rob Vugteveen. Already Jeff has been assigned the corner office at the Dayton Nevada plant that once was that of Rob's. I reported to Rob before he left for a major project in Nevada.. I hope now to have to report to Jeff.

Jeff has been assigned the highest priority to assist me on the work of the History of Medallic Art Company. I have been at work on this project for more than six months and am about 20% into this multi-year effort. I foresee with Jeff 's help -- an established author and publisher of a book on medals -- will make the chore go much faster to reach completion.

Jeff wrote and published that book on medals, Discover the World of Charbneau So-Called Dollars, with co-author William D. Hyder. They asked me to write the preface of that book, which explores the little known medals issued at the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition.. I was glad to do that.

Two years ago the two authors, Jeff and Bill, visited the Medallic Art plant in Dayton. What a prophetic event that turned out, for Jeff to return at this time now as an employee. The guide for that visit was Rob Vugteveen. Bill Hyder wrote an article of that visit and illustrated it with a number of photos.

Jeff Shevlin at Medallic Art Company

Rob had set out 17 sets of dies -- predominantly those of so-called dollars -- for Jeff to examine.

Jeff Shevlin and Rob Vugteveen

Here Rob and Jeff are in the company die vault where Rob is holding an oversize pattern, a copper galvano, for Jeff's examination.

Jeff Shevlin, Rob Vugteveen, Bill Hyder

The three of them, let to right, Jeff Shevlin, Rob Vugteveen, Bill Hyder.

If you wish to read Bill's article go to: . Welcome aboard Jeff. I am looking forward to working with you.

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