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The E-Sylum (6/9/2013)

Book Content

Horacio Morero, President of the Instituto Uruguayo de Numismática, submitted this summary of the contents of the latest issue of the club's publication El Sitio. Thanks! -Editor -Editor

El Sitio 7 “El Sitio” Nº 7 contains seven interesting numismatic articles:

1) An interesting story from the Angel of the Madonna Sixtina used in one Uruguayan banknote, by Javier Avilleira.

2) Numismatics as a dating tool in archaeology, by Eduardo Cicala.

3) The tokens of the Ranch Tornero in the department of Florida in Uruguay, by Horacio Morero and Mario Sánchez.

4) A document about the Lima Mint, by Gustavo Pigurina.

5) Year 1896 banknotes of the Banco de la República that never circulated , by Daniel Fernández Calvo.

6) The ship that brought Jules Rimet and the 1930 World Cup, by Daniel Padula.

7) Another thesis about the origin of the symbol “Pesos”.

“El Sitio” Nº 7 also comments an exposition of Roman coins, by Carlos Rucks, and the presentation of a new book: “Vales y Cobres (1867 - 1871)” (“Private Notes and Copper coins (1867 - 1871”)) by Javier Avilleira.

At my request, Horacio forwarded more information about the new book - see the earlier article in this issue. Thanks! -Editor
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